Microbiology infrastructure

We have a fully equipped laboratory for growing and storage of aerobic microorganisms.

Chemical infrastructure

  • Rotary vacuum evaporator
  • Bead beater
  • SPE extraction
  • HPLC, GC

Molecular biology and NGS

  • DNA lab, equipped for working with GMOs
  • Thermal cyclers with PCR UV cabinet
  • BioAnalyzer 2100 for DNA, RNA and protein analyses
  • Qubit fluorometer
  • E-Gel system for the recovery of sheared (meta)genomic library DNA.
  • Ion Torrent PGM semiconductor sequencer
  • One Touch 2 Emulsion PCR machine and Enrichment System
  • IonChef system

Luminometry and HTP liquid handling infrastructure

Provided by BioDetection Systems.