• Mining for antimicrobials. Beneficial soil bacteria for novel traits and natural functions (F7.3.1)
  • Intelligent mining. Functional screening for antimicrobials of competing isolates from brown rot (F7.3.2)
  • Mining rhizobacteria-induced effects on plant growth and quality (F7.3.4)
  • Mining detritivore invertebrate genomes (F7.3.5)
  • Mining of anaerobic microbial ecosystems for lignin degradation (F7.2.3)
  • Towards a zero-emission factory of the future: MICRObial processing to reduce and CONTROL emissions (MICROCONTROL, F8.4.1)
  • Next generation array systems for sensing of soil health status (F8.4.2)
  • Towards a quick decision SUPPORT tool for SUstainable use of harvest RESidues (SURE/SUPPORT, F3.1)
  • Several projects within the collaboration between the BE-Basic foundation and the Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology.


  • EcoLinc Tranche2: Metascreen open laboratory (MOL) facility for bioactivity screening and nature mining


  • “Back to the roots” (Back2Roots)